Final Touch Ups – or so I thought

It was the day of the presentation and up until now after the few hiccups that the team has had everything was going smoothly. We all have planned out what each person will have completed for the day of presentations and how it’ll be presented.

Fayebubba was in charge of the video that was meant to be created which would’ve included the clips that I myself have recorded of writing key quotes on a whiteboard and rub them out and slides of information which would help the viewers to stay focused throughout the presentation. However, unfortunately Fayebubba was unable to do compile the video that we spoke of doing so I took it under my wing and an hour before the presentation had to redo the entire presentation.

This is the nature of team work, when work is divided between the team members and the communication is lacking, the final outcome will not be the best of its potential. This is something that Armsite Madonna has mentioned in his presentation on team work and this incident has proved it to be correct.

The lack of communication in around the period of the presentation was mainly because of the time in college it fell around. It was a time when all of us had a lot due and because of the virtual nature of this module and our poor communication and organisational skills the final visual outcome has suffered.

During the class LauraGarner’s microphone was not working so as a result I stepped in and offered to cover the part of the presentation because Laura was getting flustered. Surprisingly I was extremely nervous to present, usually I am fine with presentations and don’t get too nervous but with this presentation I was extremely nervous. I can’t help but to think that it was possibly because of the fact that I was unable to see the reaction I was receiving to the presentation and the fact that I was talking to people whose real identity is unknown to me.

Overall I felt like the presentation has went very well and that despite the few incidents that myself and the team have encountered throughout the process we all found it extremely enjoyable. Most of all I learned the one main thing why I chose this module, how to collaborate with individuals in the online environment. Initially going into this module I thought that online collaboration can’t be that hard but boy what I wrong, it takes so much more clear and precise communication than real life collaborations do.


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