Team Work isn’t Easy

As a part of this module I have been put in a group with people who I have never met before, very reflective of how the design company works, once I leave college and hopefully get a job I will have to work with people that I have never worked with. I’m finding this exercise as a very beneficial one because I’m noticing how difficult it is to collaborate on something over the internet. I usually don’t mind team work but having to communicate over the internet is proving to be a lot more difficult than I originally expected.

Everything began rather smooth and we kept in touch through FB messaging however last week when we all finally settled in and started organising how we will tackle the brief and have a presentation at the end some hiccups happened.

LauraGanter aka Laura was up to her ears with college work and as a result the research aspect of the brief was delayed which in a domino action delayed me. I was given the role to visually communicate the information that we have found out as the aesthetic for the video that we originally wanted to do was along the lines of ‘draw my life’ that is currently circulating across YouTube. This aesthetic is composed of a person drawing simple quick drawing on a whiteboard, rubbing it out and moving along. This would have been a very good idea to present the information that we have collected in a very interesting way.

However, since the research was delayed I was forced to improvise as I had only one day on which I could film the videos. As a result I have illustrated some main quotes and imagery about #metoo and how it and the internet have influenced out culture.
Along with the role of having to illustrate and film the information I now volunteered to do a part of the research too as LauraGanter wasn’t understanding some aspects of the brief.

Fayebubba, is a lovely easy-going individual who can step in whenever some tension arises within the group as it did at one point. Faye stepped in and found a middle ground as a solution for what can be done with the delay of research. Faye was assigned the role to edit the video as she has previous experience with video editing.


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