Team Operation Tips presentation – Armsite Madonna

This weeks class we were joined by the BAVA students who took this module last year and have decided to take it again cause they enjoyed it so much.

This class’ main objective was to teach us about teamwork in both real life and online. For this topic John invited Armsite Madonna who talked to us from his own experiences. The presentation that we were supplied with was packed with tips, facts and it also explaied how important the roles in teams are in order for the team to work to its full potential. At the end of the presentation I asked a question that I felt like it would apply to a lot of people, if an argument arises in the team how to go about solving it. John answered my question by saying that especially in the online environment we have to be extremely clear in what we say and how we say it, the punctuation, capital letters and language all play a big part in how a person will interpret the message. This question also related to what Glen has said about the use of voice and the tone of voice in the online environment as we cannot see the body language in Second Life to deepen the interpretation of what a person is saying.

The concept of how clear we have to be in the online environment is something that has sticked out to me as I related to that in a very personal manner. I prefer texting over talking on the phone for the simple reason that I feel it is more private as people around me in real life don’t hear what I’m saying, however with that comfort there is a consequence, very often the tone of my voice or the meaning of a simple message such as “great” has been misinterpreted and I always wondered why so after today’s discussion I decided to do an experiment to see how different the word “great” looks and feels when accompanied by other words and punctuation.

oh that’s great!
well that’s great

As it can be seen each and every one of those words looks different with the simple use of punctuation and addiotnal words. For example “Great!” sounds excited, happy, and uplifiting where in comaprison “great” sounds and feels sarcastic, pessimistic and negative. Of course the context of the message in which both of those have been used would also add to the sound and emotion that the word would be associated with.

This simple experiment highlights the importance clarity plays in how we communicate when we can’t see the person. Clarity in the online environment is extremely important for your point to be understood the way that you originally meant it, and if it isn’t there is nothing wrong with explaining your meaning because at the end of the day we all interpret everything differently and something that to me might sound happy another person could take offence to it.

This wraps up the blog post on this class, it was a very informative one and one that defintely made me thing for the several days after it, and one that I was constantly reminded of when I was interacting with someone through technology.


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